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Professional Development on the topic of climate change provides teachers with the tools, techniques, resources  and real class examples that help provoke thinking and questions and support the development and implementation of climate change mitigation Action Projects.
LSF offers several climate change PD options: 
1-hr webinar
3-hr webinar
2-day Institute 
Check out our Institutes page for upcoming workshops, or request a workshop for your board/division/district or group by emailing

Climate change is one of the most complex and far-reaching challenges of our time.  Thorough, scientifically sound and engaging climate change education is essential to prepare the next generations of leaders to take on global challenges. However, through our experience we find that many educators feel ill-prepared to teach it, thus avoiding the topic, treating it in a cursory way or not creating opportunities to achieve an understanding of climate change’s environmental, social and economic facets.

Our climate change Institutes provide educators with resources, skills, tools, and strategies to engage learners effectively on this topic and support their students in taking action in their communities.

Our Institutes occur in a variety of formats, designed to draw on the experiences and questions that educators are having about climate change, the way it's covered in schools, and how to best evolve practice to foster understanding, motivate action, and inspire students to be interested and engaged in their learning.

Through the process of professional inquiry, we can evolve practice to help prepare students to come to terms with climate change, personally and as engaged citizens. Educators of students from grades 7 to 12 are the focus of these professional learning opportunities, aligning with where most opportunities for climate change are found in the curriculum.

Institute Intentions: 

  • Foster collaborative opportunities for educators to share and develop meaningful and relevant climate change learning experiences
  • Model strategies that can be applied with students to develop and apply creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and student agency for climate change.
  • Identify and create significant opportunities to address climate change in the curriculum by examining opportunities in all subject areas.
  • Link climate change learning to local community engagement, enhancing both

Institute Formats

To meet local needs, this professional development initiative is being offered in a variety of ways:

  • Two Day Institute (in person): approximately 12 hours of professional learning following an inquiry approach.
  • Live, Online and Interactive: this format is adaptable and "walks the talk" in reducing GHG emissions, as travel is minimized. It allows for an embedded PD approach where educators participate in professional learning over time, giving them the opportunity to apply their learning with their students. Based on 12 hours of professional learning, this model can be delivered as a customized combination of full-day, half-day, and 2-hour live, online interactive sessions.   
Check out our Institutes page for upcoming workshops, or request a workshop for your board/division/district or group by emailing