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Climate Change

Climate change is perhaps the most urgent problem facing the world today. It is increasingly affecting human health, species distribution and the ability of the earth’s ecosystems to sustain our physical, economic, social and environmental needs. How we deal with climate change is a crucial discussion in which teachers and students should be actively engaged.

The issue is both challenging and complex. Climate change learning involves understanding concepts and processes that cross traditional school subject boundaries, and it requires students become systems thinkers. Climate change provides educators with valuable opportunities for cross-curricular learning, connecting students to real world issues that encourage meaningful ACTION for positive change within their communities and beyond.

Climate Change Learning in Grades K-6

Climate change resources on R4R focus primarily on Grade 7-12. Although we believe climate change is an important issue to be taught at all ages, students younger than grade 7 may not have the developmental readiness to confront the full complexity of the problem. Our climate change resources for grades K-6 focus on the "building blocks" of climate literacy, helping teachers to introduce students to foundational concepts including weather, seasons, energy, habitats and responsible citizenship. These resources are intended to foster a strong, positive connection with the natural world and serve as a sound basis for increasing students' understanding of issues related to climate change.

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