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  • Resources for Rethinking is a free online database which provides access to over 1,200 high-quality, English and French K-12 classroom resources that have been selected and reviewed by teachers, for teachers. All resources are curriculum-matched and teachers can search by language, jurisdiction, grade, subject, curriculum unit, and sustainability theme in order to get the perfect resource. Check out our comprehensive collection of lesson plans, books, outdoor activities, and videos on climate change in our Climate Change Resources PDF
  • The Weather, Climate and Climate Change Theme Document addresses climate change in the context of learning about weather and climate, equipping students with a sound understanding of the influence these have on all aspects of human and ecological functioning. Students will be able to identify important connections between environmental issues and  their individual actions.
  • Hot Topics are published throughout the school year, connecting students to timely national and international campaigns trying to raise awareness of key issues and solve important problems affecting our planet. Two of these Hot Topics, UN COP and Earth Hour focus on climate change events - keep an eye on our calendar in November and March to explore these topics with your students!