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Poet Tree

Elementary, Middle


Trees are vital in providing oxygen, clean air and water.  This activity takes students outside to write poetry inspired by the trees surrounding them.  As they learn about and create acrostic, shape or haiku poems pupils will also observe and describe tree characteristics and express personal feelings about their natural world.  Using an outdoor environment to practice English Language Arts skills provides a meaningful learning experience where students closely engage with nature and reflect on all of the amazing benefits that trees provide.

General Assessment

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This resource supports Grade 2-7 English Language Arts units focused on using creative writing to describe, clarify and communicate personal opinions and feelings.  Pupils also learn about several poetry styles by exploring features such as physical structure, line length and rhythm.  Using trees as the subject matter incorporates Science content related to plants, ecology and environmental sustainability.

Students could expand this activity by writing, editing and publishing a book featuring student poetry that describes the importance of local habitats, ecosystems and plant and animal species.  The book could also include information about sustainable living and be distributed to local libraries and other schools.

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Themes Addressed

Ecosystems (1)

  • Appreciating the Natural World