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EcoLeague™  provides a series of offerings designed for elementary classes.  These include:

  • EcoLeague™ Recipes for Action are lesson plans, designed for grade 3 – 6, that help guide you through the steps of implementing a sustainability action project. You can access all of these action recipe kits FREE by clicking on the resources under Top R4R Picks on the right.
  • EcoLeague™ Youth Forums engage Action Teams (1 teacher and 4 students) from participating schools in a region in a one day Youth Forum. Find out more by clicking the following:

  • EcoLeague™ Action Project Funding of up to $400 is available to schools to implement an Action Project. 
  • Professional Learning Workshops and pedagogical resources are provided to assist teachers in facilitating action projects with their students. 
    • Engaging Students in Sustainable Action Projects: ESSAP Guide is a detailed guide that helps teachers implement engaging action projects by outlining the process and various action-related activities. This guide also outlines the 11-step process that is followed when a comprehensive, student-led action project is undertaken. 
    • Protecting our Sacred Water helps educators facilitate actions projects with Aboriginal students/youth through the integration of FNMI ways of knowing. This resource was developed in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, and a group of First Nation and Métis Elders and educators. 
    • LSF Workshops provide teachers with the tools, techniques and resources that support the development and implementation of action projects in the community.